Aikido is a martial ART.

Ai means harmony. Aikido is about bringing harmony in conflict. This starts with opening up for what's present and then dealing with difficulties in an open, yet decisive way.
Not just a way to learn how to fight, but a way to bring harmony in our lives.

The way we learn that is to practice aikido techniques. But more imortant we practice an 'aikido mindset'. That means that we practice being in the moment, opening up to what's present and acting from a perspective that seeks harmony.
In aikido you will learn to relax, open up and handle difficulty and stress in 'non-reactive' but in a responsive way.

At our 'dojo' (the practice space) we practice aikido on different levels:
1. The physical, technical level. Just learning the steps and the techniques. Finding balance and groundedness.
2. The dynamic level. Learning to move in harmony.
3. The energetic level. Opening up for the more subtle energies.

A great article on Aikido you can find here.

In our 'dojo' (practice space) we offer aikido training at:

Tuesday 19.00 - 19.30 hour (weapon class) and 19.30 - 20.45 hour
Thursday 19.30 - 21.00 hour


One can train once a month or 2 times a week. The costs stay the same.
The costs are 35 euro a month (5 euro discount when you pay automatically by bank).

Trial lesson for free

For a trial lesson you can always join us on Tuesday and Thursday. Please report your presence to the teacher at the beginning of the lesson.