We offer two kinds of mindfulness:

1. Our 8 week training of mindfulness (8 meetings of 2,5 hour) for students.

2. The open mindfulness meetings. We offer open mnindfulness trainings at the University sportscenter on mondays for students with a UM sportscard.
We also offer openmindfulness trainings on Tuesdays 21.00-22.00 hour and on Sundays 10.00-11.00 hour in our SeeTrue center in Maastricht (Duitsepoort 13 A, near railway station). This is open for students and none-students.

For info on the 8 week mindfulness course for students you can click here....

Costs for students from the Maastricht University

Aikido 10 euro a month or 75 euro a year
Mindfulness open meetings 10 euro a month or 75 euro a year
Groove to stillness at SeeTrue 10 euro per month or 75 euro a year
Aikido and Mindfulness open meetings or Aikido and Groove to Stilness 15 euro a month or 95 euro a year
Aikido, mindfulness open meetings and Groove to Stillness 20 euro a month or 115 euro a year

8 week course mindfulness training for students 75 euro with UM sportscard and 85 euro without UM sportscard. 

Employees from UM sport membership

Employees from the University Maastricht with a UM sport membershipcard: 
Aikido 30 euro per month
Mindfulness open meetings 15 euro per month 
Groove to Stillness 25 euro a month 

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